Ohio Cleveland Investment Properties with good ROI & Below Market Value (Handyman / Vacant / Great Rentals Available)

Our current inventory of property is constantly changing and not all property is listed on the Available Property page. Please call or email to find out about our latest acquisitions or other available investment property opportunities.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned investor we look forward to working with you to find your next cash flowing rental machine. NexGen Invest understands that property selection is extremely important and has very strict parameters that all properties must meet, and it starts with Cash Flow. All our available properties generate cash flow returns of 15% or greater unless there are some good compensating factors. For example, maybe a particular property has more instant equity and less cash flow. In some cases, we will take this trade-off. So, if you ever see a NexGen Invest property with a lower return than 15% it is due to the instant equity being significantly higher than what would be considered average or normal based on today’s market. All of our instant equity figures are supported by real comps or appraisals.

All of the homes must be located in great areas with good schools, strong tenant demand, and growth within the communities. We do not purchase or work within any “War Zone” neighborhoods. NexGen Invest homes are fully rehabbed with ZERO DEFERRED MAINTENANCE. Please keep in mind that the properties you see here might already be sold or under contract and the properties listed on this page are only a few of our available properties. Any property purchased with NexGen Invest is managed by our team of professional property managers who currently boast an occupancy rate of 98% as of December 2012.

All property pictures below were taken before the renovation. Please call or email for HD video and update pictures of renovated properties or properties we are currently renovating.

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NOTE:  Properties are first come first served so be sure if you find a property that you’re interested in, respond back via email or phone (info once you join to the right) to make sure you get a shot at the property.

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